International Homeless Animals’ Day® 
 [Insert Date]

WHEREAS, The indefensible overpopulation of our nation’s most popular pets, dogs and cats, results in killing millions of them annually in shelters throughout the United States, and

WHEREAS, The only reason for ending these innocent, healthy, and adoptable animals’ lives is because there are too many of them born, just as there are too few humans willing or able to adopt them, and

WHEREAS, The taking of these innocent victims’ lives forever leaves its psychological mark on the caring shelter personnel who must perform mass killings each day to make room for the new arrivals, and 

WHEREAS, The companion animal overpopulation crisis can readily be ameliorated by spay and neuter before their first litter, and by adopting from a local animal  shelter, and 

WHEREAS, The irresponsible custodians who fail to have their pets spayed or neutered are accountable to the taxpayers for the millions of dollars spent each year to kill unwanted animals who irresponsible people have brought into this world, 

NOW,    THEREFORE, I,___________________________________________ ,

[Insert Governor, Mayor or other public official] of the State of ____________________________,

Proclaim [Insert Date] as International Homeless Animals’ Day.



FURTHER, I call upon all companion animal custodians to accept responsibility for the humane care of their dogs and cats, including having them spayed or neutered to prevent the birth of animals inevitably destined to be homeless, unwanted and killed.


Signed this ________ day of  [Insert Date].