Guidelines for International Homeless Animals’ Day Spay/Neuter Grant

In conjunction with ISAR’s world-wide educational efforts to spread the dog and cat overpopulation message and spay/neuter solution, we will consider making grant requests to registered, not-for-profit organizations participating in International Homeless Animals’ Day with a free or low-cost spay/neuter clinic. 

Grant awards are usually between $1,000 and $1,500 U.S. dollars.

Application period: July 1 – July 31

Please read the information below before applying for a grant.

To be considered for a grant, your organization must meet the following criteria.

      • It must be a registered, American not-for profit (501(c)(3)) organization.  Foreign grant applicants must provide proof of current charitable status from the country in which they operate. 
      • If a grant is approved, payment will be made to the organization itself, not an individual. You will need to provide the contact information for the person in your organization responsible for receiving this payment on behalf of the organization. Please note, this person will receive an email from ISAR requesting confirmation that the grant payment was received.
      • ISAR must have received confirmed information for your International Homeless Animals’ Day event.  This information includes the date, time, location and specifics of your event.
      • Grant recipients must agree to provide a final report to ISAR of the results/outcomes, and an analysis of your International Homeless Animals’ Day spay/neuter project.

To receive an IHAD spay/neuter grant application, please contact International Society for Animal Rights at contact .