“International Homeless Animals’ Day provides a wonderful opportunity to find homes for dogs and cats, and for the public to become acquainted with those awaiting adoption.”  Bucharest, Romania. 

International Homeless Animals’ Day is a reason to draw public attention to homeless animals and promote spay/neuter and adoption.”  Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan. 

 “On International Homeless Animals’ Day, we provide food to homeless dogs and cats as an example of what we can all do to help homeless animals that are a part of our community.”  Río Bravo, Mexico.

“On International Homeless Animals’ Day, we light candles for all the animals that are abandoned and die in the street. And candles will be lit with the names of animals from our shelter that did not find a home.”  La Rioja, Spain.

“I attended the first-ever International Homeless Animals’ Day in the Philippines and learned a lot. We’ll do the best we can on our end here at Congress.  Better days ahead for homeless animals.”   San Jose del Monte, Philippines. 

“We have done it! What a pawsome day it was and a humbling experience to say the least. A great big applause to ISAR for organizing International Homeless Animals’ Day globally. It was a huge success and many animals’ lives were saved thanks to our homeless dog sterilization project.”  Cape Town, South Africa 

“On the occasion of International Homeless Animals’ Day, we raise awareness of homeless animals, and convey to the maximum number of people information about their tragic fate. All animals deserve homes.”  Kamianske, Ukraine.

“Every year in August, International Homeless Animals’ Day is observed around the world. Awareness works are being carried out to attract attention to homeless animals. I am calling on all citizens to help the shelter with food donations. Animals here need attention, citizens who want to have dogs don’t buy you can adopt dogs from the shelter.”  Kyrenia, Cyprus.

“Events like our International Homeless Animals’ Day Open House encourage people to adopt pets instead of buying them.”   Penang, Malaysia.

“Because of International Homeless Animals’ Day there is worldwide support for homeless animals. Today we provide free microchips, sterilization and castration for community dogs and cats.”   Košice, Slovakia.